4 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel Conduction Cooled PMC, Dual Channel Optical

  • 2 Independent Fibre Channel Interfaces
  • Conduction Cooled, Rugged, Extended Temperature PMC
  • 4-Gbps/channel (4/2/1 Gbps autonegotiation)
  • 1500 Mbytes/sec (full duplex) sustained data rate
  • Ultra-low host processor overhead
  • Dual optical “low rider” front panel SFF (LC) transceivers

The Critical I/O FCA2420-CCPMC-FF enables embedded processors to leverage Fibre Channel technology for performance networking and storage applications. The FCA2420-CCPMC-FF has two front panel optical connectors and offers two independent channels of 4-Gbps Fibre Channel in a single wide conduction cooled PMC with each channel capable of 800 MBytes/sec sustained and an aggregated sustained transfer rate of 1500 MBytes/sec with both channels.

Form Factor Bit Rate Ports Data Rate (Per Port) Interface Type Bus Type Conduction Cooled Model Number
XMC 8/4/2 Gb 2 1600 MBytes/s Optical PCI-Express FCA2540-XMC-FF-G
XMC 4/2/1 Gb 2 800 MBytes/s Optical PCI-Express FCA2540LS-XMC-FF-G
XMC 4/2/1 Gb 2 800 MBytes/s Optical PCI-Express x FCA2540-CCXMC-FF-G
XMC 2/1 Gb 2 400 MBytes/s Copper (Rear) PCI-Express x FCA2540-CCXMC-RC-G
PMC 4/2/1 Gb 2 800 MBytes/s Optical PCI-X PCI FCA2520LS-PMC-FF-G
XMC to PCIe Adapter Board ADPT-XMC2PCIE-A