The Critical I/O ADPT-XMC2PCIE-A is a passive adapter card that allows industry standard XMC form factor boards to be used in the PCIe slots of standard personal computers, servers and motherboards.  Critical I/O has tested and validated all of Critical I/O Fibre Channel and Ethernet XMC boards for use in PCIe x8 and x16 motherboard style PCIe slots.

  • 8 Lane Passive XMC to PCIe Adapter
  • Accepts VITA 42.3 XMC boards
  • Physically compatible with x8 or x16 PCIe slots
  • +12V XMC VPWR power from PCIe slot
  • Compatible & validated with Critical I/O XMCs

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Critical I/O is the leading provider of high speed networking & advanced storage solutions for embedded computing, avionics and military applications.

Critical I/O’s technology focus is high capacity removable SSD storage, and high performance interfaces supporting protocols such as RDMA.

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