Critical I/O’s storage product lineup features high performance, high capacity, rugged solid state storage solutions in 3U and 6U VPX blade form factors, or as ruggedized subsystems. These products are ideal for high bandwidth data recording, file serving, and high performance direct attached storage (DAS) applications.

StoreEngine™ VPX  is a 3U or 6U VPX (air or conduction cooled) slot storage server which can simultaneously serve block data (like a disk drive or RAID system), serve file data (like a NFS/CIFS file server), and simultaneously operate as a high speed data recorder.  StoreEngine is designed to work as a standalone single slot storage device with integrated SSD storage, or it can work in conjunction with one or more StorePak removable drive modules

StorePakVPX is a 3U or 6U VPX storage blade that combine a fixed VPX base unit with a removable and hot-swappable SSD module.  The removable drive modules are specifically designed for easy replacement of on-board storage.  StorePak provides PCIe backplane connected storage with a high degree of storage performance and scalability.
StorePak™ XMC is a high density SSD storage XMC module (air or conduction cooled) that hosts up to 12TB of ultra-high performance PCIe connected NVMe SSD storage.  Versions are available for standard SBC XMC sites, as well as versions that are optimized to work with Critical I/O’s StoreEngine storage manager blade.  StorePak XMC supports capacity scaling by stacking two or more StorePak XMCs, leveraging an optional XMC “stacking” connector.

StoreBox is an ultra-compact conduction cooled rugged chassis that hosts Critical I/O’s StoreEngine and StorePak boards with integrated high performance I/O interfaces.  Configurations are available which feature various storage capacities, performance levels and I/O interface options.  StoreBox versions include 10GbE Recorder/NAS and 8/4/2/1 Gb Fibre Channel mass storage (RAID).
StoreRack is a 19” rack mounted high performance storage subsystem with rugged, removable/hot swappable SSD modules that can operate as a high bandwidth data recorder, file server (NAS) and RAID/SAN device. A single StoreRack unit can provide up to 60 TeraBytes (60TB) of solid state storage in a compact 19” rack mount chassis.  Multiple configurations are available which feature various storage capacities, performance levels and I/O interface options.
StorePak™ Offload Station allows StorePak removable SSD modules to be connected directly to a desktop PC or server for offload of data from the StorePak.  The offload station includes a PCIe controller board, cable, and offload software..