StorePak™ Data Offload Station allows StorePak removable SSD modules to be connected directly to a desktop PC or server for offload of data from the StorePak.  The offload station includes a PCIe controller board, cable, and offload software.

SOS-3 Features:

  • Standard PCIe x8 plug-in card controller
  • 6 port SATA cable directly connects to StorePak
  • Offload Station software for recorder data offload
  • Linux and Windows driver support
  • Up to 500 MB/s offload rate


StorePak™ Data Offload Station
StorePak Type Cable Power Interfaces Connector Controller Model #
3U 1 meter 115 VAC 0.5A Power Brick 6x SATA to StorePak 2x SFF-8088 to Controller PCIe plug-in SATA RAID SOS-3