StorePakXMC is a high density SSD storage XMC module (air or conduction cooled) that hosts up to 12TB of ultra-high performance PCIe connected NVMe SSD storage.  Versions are available for standard SBC XMC sites, as well as versions that are optimized to work with Critical I/O’s StoreEngine storage manager blade.  StorePak XMC supports capacity scaling by stacking two or more StorePak XMCs, leveraging an optional XMC “stacking” connector.

Target Applications High performance data recording, DAS, and NAS
Capacity (single blade) Up to 12TB
Performance (single blade) Up to 6 GBytes/sec
IO Interface PCIe Gen 3 x8
Scalability via "stack" connector
Removable Drive Module Yes
StorePak™ XMC Products
Base Model Number Cooling Maximum SSD Storage Capacity Includes XMC "Stack" Connector Peak Storage Performanc Compatible with CPU Board VITA 61 XMC Sites
SX3-XMC- Air 6 TB No 3 GB/s Yes*
SX6-XMC- Air 12 TB No 6 GB/s Yes*
SX6S-XMC- Air 12 TB Yes 6 GB/s Yes**
SX3-CCXMC- Conduction 6 TB No 3 GB/s Yes*
SX6-CCXMC- Conduction 12 TB No 6 GB/s No
SX6S-CCXMC Conduction 12 TB Yes 6 GB/s No