StoreRack SRV1A5-E104

19” Rackmount VPX Based Storage Subsystem – Recorder, File Server (NAS), RAID/DAS

  • 19” Rackmount chassis, 4U (7”) height
  • Up to 96 TB storage capacity in a single chassis
  • Removable StorePak Solid State Storage Modules
  • High speed recording, network file server, or RAID/DAS
  • Up to 6 GBytes/s storage performance
  • Up to four 10GbE or Fibre Channel interfaces
  • Optional PCIe x8 interfaces
  • High density, small footprint & low power

The StoreRack™ SRV1A5 is a rack mounted VPX blade based high performance storage subsystem with rugged, removable/hot swappable SSD modules and an integrated storage controller which allows the system to operate as a high bandwidth data recorder, network file server or as RAID/DAS storage. A single unit can provide up to 96 TB of solid state storage in a compact 19” rack mount chassis.  Multiple configurations of StoreRack SRV are available which feature various storage capacities, performance capabilities, security features, SSD types, and I/O interface options.

StoreRack Products

Form Factor Unit Height Recording Network File Services (NAS) Direct Attached Storage (RAID/SAN) Max Storage Capacity Removable Storage Max Performance Optional IO Interface Options Model #
19" Rackmount 5 1/4" Yes Yes No 48 TB Yes 2.5 GBytes/s Dual 10Gb Ethernet SRV1A3-E102
19" Rackmount 7" Yes Yes No 96 TB Yes 5 GBytes/s Quad 10Gb Ethernet SRV1A5-E104
19" Rackmount 5 1/4" Yes No Yes 48 TB Yes 3 GBytes/s Dual 1/2/4/8 Gb Fibre Channel SRV1A3-F082
19" Rackmount 7" Yes No Yes 96 TB Yes 6 GBytes/s Quad 1/2/4/8 Gb Fibre Channel SRV1A5-F084