Download StorePak/StoreEngine App Overview: Recorder, RAID or File Server

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Date Added: May 20, 2020
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StoreEngine and StorePak provide flexible and scalable storage building blocks than can be used to implement complete turnkey data storage solutions. Multi‐GB/s data recording, NAS file sharing, and high performance embedded RAID applications may be easily implemented, all with no development or custom software required. StoreEngine/StorePak architectures are easily scaled in capacity, bandwidth, and channels by adding StoreEngine/StorePak blades, which automatically aggregate the storage capacity and performance of the available blades.

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Critical I/O is the leading provider of high speed networking & advanced storage solutions for embedded computing, avionics and military applications.

Critical I/O’s technology focus is high capacity removable SSD storage, and high performance interfaces supporting protocols such as RDMA.

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